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Lakers News: Alex Caruso Toasts To Championship On Instagram

The Caru-show remembers the Lakers 2020 title

On Monday, Chicago Bulls guard posted to his Instagram story a memento, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Lakers winning the 2019-2020 NBA Championship.

When Caruso signed with the Bulls, Laker fans were heartbroken. The "Caru-show" endeared himself to Laker fans with his great defense, his shocking dunks, and his sense of humor. At 6'4, he just doesn't look like the kind of guy who could do this.

It was not the most memorable season for the Los Angeles Lakers, but that dunk always stays with me. Nobody boxed out Caruso who came streaking in from the three-point line, and the carom from the missed jumper just was right in Caruso's flying lane, and he stuffed it. 

There's a lesson in these two clips: don't forget to box out Alex Caruso.

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It is nice to relive those memories, both for Laker fans and for Alex Caruso on his Instagram.

Alex Caruso's departure leaves guys like Kendrick Nunn and Malik Monk the two best options to take Caruso's place as talented guards who can shoot and play the best defense possible on the perimeter. Presently, both of those guards are injured, although both their injuries appear to be ones they will come back from soon. Wayne Ellington is also a quality guard/small forward.

Until then, the big names are just going to have to step up. Russell Westbrook and LeBron James are going to have to play their hearts out. This could also provide an opportunity for the "Hillbilly Kobe" himself, Austin Reaves, to show why he got his nickname. He is low on experience so there isn't a high likelihood of this happening, but given the Lakers injuries, it's possible. 

Until then, one last Caruso highlight. We miss you!