Until the NBA season gets underway, the uncertainty of the Lakers roster having success will continue to linger. On paper, the team is considered to have the talent capable of winning an NBA title. The doubts and critique of the team largely centers around that most of the players are well over 30 years of age.

During a recent Instagram Live with Dwight Howard, a question came in referring to his teammates as ‘old heads’ and Howard was quick to let everyone know the confidence he had in the team.

As most of the team are guys that are long past their prime, Howard does present a good point, and the players will likely have to swallow their egos. Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and other veterans know this is the last realistic shot they have to win titles.

Although Howard does have the pedigree of winning a title with the Lakers two seasons ago, it’s much easier said than done. Depending on how the team comes out of the gate, the lingering talk of the teams advanced age will simmer if they win games. Those same talks will definitely became louder if the team struggles.

Haters and fans alike will be excited for the season to start so everyone can became armchair analysts and Monday-morning quarterbacks, critiquing every Laker play and game.