Magic Johnson is a Laker legend who is recognizable by any fan who comes across him. The former guard racked up 12 All-Star appearances, 5 NBA titles, and 3 MVP awards during his historic career wearing the purple and gold. Obviously he knows a thing or two about what it takes to play at a high level for such a long time.

He’s been around the game so long that he’s seen some of the greatest players to ever run on the court, including Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Those names have been included in a long lasting debate about who is the greatest player of all time. Well, in a recent interview that he did, Magic may have casted his vote for who he thinks is the GOAT.

“I wanna congratulate you for what you do for kids,” said Johnson to LeBron. “Not only here in Miami but also in Akron [as an inspiration]. Now LeBron, and I’m serious too, I’ve seen everybody play. You are the only guy I think that can become the greatest that has ever played this game.” 

Whether Magic is calling LeBron the only guy who can be called the GOAT based off of how big his reputation has become or his talent is a little murky. Still, that may not sit well with Jordan fans who see him as the undisputed GOAT. 

Both have played long illustrious careers, of course LeBron is still currently playing and is about to enter his 19th season in the NBA, though in different eras with different styles of play. 

There's no debating that each player is talented in their own right and have dominated during their time on the court. Despite Magic's comments, it's unlikely this debate will be settled anytime soon.

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