LeBron James has been known for having an active social media voice. His tweets range from praise to subtle shots at teammates. Remember the subtweet he famously had indirectly targeted at former teammate Kevin Love?

In the past, James has been well-documented of sending passive aggressive vibes. Kevin Love later admitted to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, he knew the tweet was directed at him and how it bothered him a bit.

"I think on one end it was extremely passive-aggressive and silly. But at the same time, I feel like I did have to find my way and fit in. But it wasn’t an easy process for me. I think right now if that happened — it wouldn’t because I believe who I am now and the growth I’ve had."

Fast forward to last night, James made another tweet without naming anyone in particular that drew his ire.

NBA Twitter was quick to jump on this and called out Ben Simmons. Simmons has been known for posting video clips of himself sinking threes usually every offseason, yet never attempts threes during real NBA games. 

With the bubbling tension growing between Simmons and the Sixers, it is highly unlikely James is stirring that pot more by throwing shade at Simmons, especially with Simmons under the Klutch brand.

Regardless of who specifically had James annoyed, NBA Twitter is truly its own machine as media consumption. Simmons definitely saw or will hear about James tweet soon. How it affects him remains to be seen.