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Lakers News: Russell Westbrook Reflects On LA's Second Loss Of The Season

Russell Westbrook talked about Friday night's game and why he is not panicking over two losses.

As the Lakers have lost every single game they have played so far, there are many who may be starting to panic or at least worry about how the rest of the season will go. However, that is not the case for the players, who cannot be thinking like that if they want to be successful this year. 

After practice on Saturday, a frustrated Russell Westbrook spoke with the media about Friday night's game. 

"Missing layups myself, AD, Bron, things that we would normally make. That's part of the game, part of the rhythm, getting back to what we are accustomed to doing and I am okay with adversity, honeslty. I never panic honestly throughout a season. Especially at the start of the season, there's really no need to. The seasons too long." 

Westbrook is not new to criticism and understands what it takes to be great. Although others may be worried and ready to talk poorly about the Lakers, Westbrook is not. The NBA All-Star also explained the process that the team is going to have to work on together. 

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"There's things that we know that we can get better at, both offensively and defensivly. But like I said, we are all figuring each other out. Guys are figuring out how to run with me and play a little faster and figuring out how to do other things," said Westbrook.

"We are all adjusting to one another and that's a process, it's not going to happen within the first week of the season and we understand that, or at least I do. " 

Even though the Lakers are going to have to work harder than most teams to gain their momentum, they still have plenty of time. As these players learn each other and take the time to create plays that will work for them, it will all fall into place. The Lakers need teamwork and they know that better than anyone. 

Westbrook continued and talked about the plan moving forward. 

"I'm okay with a struggle and figuring it out and making sure that we are putting ourselves in the position to do the right things, so that ultimately at the end of the year we can be playing our best basketball." 

No matter what, there is still a lot of potential with this team. Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook will all find their role and once they do, it will be electric.