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On Tuesday night the Lakers were looking to prove themselves and they did. Just days after L.A. lost to the Miami Heat, they went up against the Brooklyn Nets once again. However, this time, they had their biggest advantage. Anthony Davis, who has been out due to an MCL sprain was back out on the court, over a month after he got injured. 

L.A. started off strong against the Nets and ended the first half with the lead. Not only that, but they were able to put the Nets at a deficit throughout most of the matchup and eventually win 106-96. This is huge because just when the Lakers started to look like they were finding a good rhythm, things began to take a turn for the worst. Once Anthony Davis could no longer play, it appeared to hurt the team's efforts and energy out on the court. 

After the Tuesday night matchup, Russell Westbrook talked about what kind of impact Anthony Davis brings to the team now that he has returned. 

"It's definitely different with his presence out there, protecting, especially on the defensive end, his offense will come," said Westbrook.

"Just us playing and getting into a better rhythm but it's good to see him back out on the floor." 

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Anthony Davis may not have been at his best offensively after scoring only eight points, but he was able to make some incredible defensive plays within this matchup. That is a big reason why having him back is important because that is exactly what L.A. has been without, a player that will make big stops.

Westbrook continued and talked about what he thinks about having Davis back. 

"I think it was good. I'm excited for not just him, but for everybody. Our whole team to be able to try to use him coming back as good energy, good vibes for our team, especially coming off a loss." 

Anthony Davis set the tone early for the Lakers by scoring the first points of the game and playing at a high level. If the Lakers can keep their team healthy, they will be winning more games in the future. 

For now, the Lakers will be taking on the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night and looking to bring that momentum with them.