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For any Lakers’ fans who are Halo enthusiasts, the team came out with something that may be a dream come true for them.

The Lakers announced they were selling a limited-edition Lakers customized Halo Infinity bundle for $139.99.

Exclusively at the Team LA store at Staples Center, the bundle includes a Lakers Master Chief 117 jersey, along with a Lakers custom Xbox controller, and a Master Chief action figure.

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Because it went on sale at 1:17 PM on Friday, and there was only a limited amount of stock that could only be picked up at one location, scalpers took full advantage of this.

As of now, there are several auctions going on with the Lakers Master Chief bundles currently in the $650-$700 range. There are several in the thousand-dollar ranges for Buy It Now options, with one scalper dreaming big, listing theirs at $117,000. 

Like Lakers tickets or anything of value that is Lakers related, scalpers are always on the lookout. When there are low supply for anything of value, there will always be a line of people waiting to get their hands on it.. Congratulations to you if you were able to snag a bundle.