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Lakers Trevor Ariza Gives An Injury Update

After practice on Monday, Trevor Ariza gave an update on how he is feeling.

This year, the Lakers were hit with the injury bug early before the season even began. At the beginning of October, the Lakers announced that Trevor Ariza had a procedure done on his right ankle and would be re-evaluated in eight weeks. As those eight weeks are coming to an end, it appears that Ariza is hopeful for the future. Ariza was always expected to make a full recovery, according to Lakers reporter, Mike Trudell, but the question now is, what does his timetable look like? 

After the Laker's practice on Monday, Ariza spoke with the media for the first time since media day and gave an update alongside how it feels to be out. 

"It sucked to have to be out, especially being in the position that we are in right now. But it happens, it's basketball, sports, injuries happen. So, I guess the thing I can look at or try to look to make it easier is, try to find other ways to help our team. Whether it be like being on the sideline talking, being on the sideline watching the game, and try to give a different perspective. Whatever it is that I can help our team win, that's what I try to do." 

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No one enjoys watching their team struggle, especially when there is still so much potential with a team like the Lakers. Not only have the Lakers struggled to stay healthy, but they could not find their momentum to win. 

Ariza continued and talked about more of his frustrations. 

"Well, it's definitely frustrating, espeically because there are so many things we can do with a full roster," said Ariza.

"It takes time to build chemistry, it takes time to put things together and we haven't done it with a full roster yet. I bring a completely different element to this team…for example, like throughout my career, I’ve been kind of like a piece that you can just plug in and do a bunch of different things and make a difference." 

As Ariza continues his rehab and there is still no real date for when he will be back with the team, all signs are pointing in the right direction. The Lakers need to have all their players healthy, especially if they want to have a chance to go far this year.