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Quinn Cook Calls Rajon Rondo Toughest Point Guard He’s Faced In Playoffs

On the Dawg Talk Podcast, Cook praised Rondo for being very tough to defend.

Rajon Rondo was the toughest matchup for Quinn Cook in the NBA postseason in 2018. Now Cook is learning all he can from Rondo as his Laker teammate. 

Cook recently was on the Dawg Talk Podcast and said Rondo and Russell Westbrook are two of the toughest guards he’s faced. 

Cook defended Rondo in the second round of the 2018 playoffs when Cook was with the Golden State Warriors and Rondo was with the New Orleans Pelicans. The Warriors went on to win the NBA title that year. 

“I purposely sit next to Rondo every film session in the locker room because he watches every game and every possession in slow motion,” Cook said on the Dawg Talk Podcast. “It’s crazy to watch this manifest. I remember I did an interview after we won the championship. I started (18) games. I was playing a lot in the playoffs until The Finals when we got to the Cavs. I saw every point guard. I saw every guard. 

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“I want to say it was ESPN and they asked who was your toughest matchup in the playoffs and I was like, ‘Rondo. Not this guy, not that guy.’ Rondo was thinking two possessions ahead. We were playing New Orleans in the second round. He was literally calling out our plays. 'Bron does that, too. Man, he sees the game from another level. Then when I got to see him every day, he watches the game in slow motion. He watches the coaches calls. 

“He’s a basketball genius. He gives me so much every single day. Every single day he’s giving, giving, giving. Sometimes, when they see a younger guy, the majority of guys give but some guys don’t have to give. They could see the young guy as a threat. Rondo was open arms from the jump. We both went to Oak Hill (Academy in Virginia) so we have that prior relationship (as alumni). He’s giving me all he’s had all season. He’s still giving to this day. We have an incredible relationship.” 

Asked on the podcast who was the toughest cover for him in the NBA, the 27-year-old Cook didn’t hesitate in naming Westbrook. 

“He’s 6-4. He posts me up. Going 94 feet,” Cook said with a smile. “Right foot, left foot, jumps. Pull-ups, he’s a handful, man.”