'Happy Places': Boban Describes Mavs Work In The Gym

Boban Describes Mavs Work In The Gym - And Expresses 'Happiest Place On Earth' Thoughts On Disney World
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DALLAS - When last we saw Dallas Mavericks big man Boban Marjanovic, he was shocking the world with a stellar March 11 effort in a win over the visiting Denver Nuggets, doing it all on the way to a 31-point, 17-rebound evening.

And then, suddenly, the world got shocked in another way. And we haven't see Boban - or basketball - since.

We're about to see the re-re-birth of Boban, as the COVID-19-hiatus'ed NBA is working towards resuming the season in late July at Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort.

"We’ll all be together, we’ll see each other off the court as well,'' Marjanovic told Zurnal. "It can’t be bad in Disneyland, that’s for sure.''

Boban's upbeat personality is part of his 7-foot-4 worth of charm (as his ability to on occasion come deep off the bench to give you 31 and 17). So, yes. Disney World will be fun. Boban has a projection for what it might look like once players meet there.

"I believe that it will be something similar to the World Cup, as well as that all security protocols will be detailed and clearly defined,'' he said. "In general, the NBA always thinks of everything. And it will certainly be the same this time. 

The Mavs backup center detailed how, in Dallas, the Mavericks are already doing much of that in the newly structured workouts at team HQ.

“Attention is paid to every detail,'' he said. "From wearing masks, avoiding contact, and so on. Nothing is left to chance. Before entering, they measure your temperature, (and) you have to leave the shoes you came in. You can’t enter the training center in them.

"As soon as you finish working on a piece of gym equipment, it is disinfected immediately. The distance is taken care of. So, four players are working at the same time. While one is running, the other is shooting, the third is in the gym, the fourth is working on the jump and then we spin in a circle. One coach goes on one player and there is no interference.”

Sounds, fun, relatively. But not as much fun as Boban and Luka Doncic and the Mavs are hoping to have at Disney World.