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Dallas Mavs & Cowboys Unite for Michael Finley Foundation

The Michael Finley Foundation organized an event for Monday Night Football. Donate $25,000 to watch the Cowboys game with five Dallas sports figures.

Basketball versus football discourse aside, the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks come together when necessary. In 2010, Dallas franchise owners Mark Cuban, and Jerry Jones combined forces to host the NBA All-Star game in the AT&T Center. September 27 marks another collective effort in improving the city, presented by the Michael Finley Foundation.

Although not as electric as the John Madden era, Monday Night Football still holds weight when the Cowboys dominate the television screen. Imagine watching the Cowboys play its division rival Philadephia Eagles with five Dallas sports representatives in the same room.

For $25,000, you and four guests have access to the Touchdown Suite. Not only do you get food and soft drinks, but the generous donator also shares the suite with Nico Harrison, Michael Finley, Emmitt Smith, Jason Kidd, and Dirk Nowitzki.

 In addition to the donator receiving an unforgettable experience, the proceeds benefit Michael Finley's flagship program G.I.F.T.4.S Academy. The academy focus on education and furthering youths' life skills post-school life.

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The likes of Dallas legends Nowitzki and Smith in the same room opens up a plethora of entertaining conversations. Perhaps the privileged guest ignites inside stories from their respective careers. The possibility of asking Harrison questions of what's down the pipeline for future Mavericks moves might be futile, but it's worth the effort.

Again, the possibilities are endless. Sharing such a night with your family makes for an enchanting evening. Not to say acquiring $25,000 is an easy feat, but doing so goes to a noble cause.

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