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Mavs Talk: Frank Ntilikina’s Opportunity; Christian Wood’s Bench Role

The Dallas Mavericks are putting a lot of faith in Frank Ntilikina to help alleviate some of their secondary point guard needs. The Mavs Outsiders crew discusses Ntilikina’s opportunity, as well as Christian Wood’s media day joking being blown out of proportion.

With the NBA season just three weeks away, the Dallas Mavericks have started ramping things up this week with media day and training camp. The roster, despite having potential, still has many questions around it, and the Mavs Outsiders crew covered those topics on this week’s episode.

The idea of Frank Ntilikina as the team’s third ball handler is one that many fans will have to see before they believe. The Mavs, however, have doubled and tripled down on believing in Ntilikina as the primary point guard off the bench. Reese and Bibs give their thoughts on the matter. (Note: Bibs later saw pictures of Frank from media day and takes back everything he said about Frank not knowing how to use his arms, per his tweet about this topic).

The next big topic was all about Christian Wood, who is set to come off the Mavs’ bench as a sixth man to start the season according to head coach Jason Kidd. Mavs media day's hot topic — at least on social media — was the idea of Wood potentially causing drama due to not wanting a bench role. Wood joked about not knowing he was coming off the bench to start the season, but it was just that — a joke.

The Outsiders then discussed what the Mavs rotations should be. The team is deep, but what does that mean for everyone's minutes and roles?

Sticking with basketball, the guys talk about ESPN's top five players list, the reaction to the list, and whether or not they agree with the rankings. Spoiler alert: Luka Doncic was not named as the top player.

For your convenience, here are the timestamps for today’s episode:

  • 00:00 - 7:00 Intros, Life Talk
  • 07:05 - 17:45 Frank as the 3rd ball handler
  • 17:55 - 21:50 Is Christian Wood the 2nd Best Player on the Team
  • 22:05 - 31:45 Mavs Rotations and Closing Lineups
  • 32:20 - 42:35 Top 5 Players in the league
  • 52:00 - 2:06:20 Movie Talk


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