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Moses Brown: Mavs' Key To Goran Dragic Trade?

The Dallas Mavericks have attempted to trade for Goran Dragic from the Toronto Raptors. Could including Moses Brown get a deal done?

DALLAS - There has been a lot of smoke surrounding the Dallas Mavericks' trade pursuit of Goran Dragic since he landed with the Toronto Raptors in part of the Kyle Lowry sign-and-trade.

The options at the Mavericks' disposal are currently limited. Dwight Powell is not the type of trade asset a team is jumping at the opportunity to acquire. 

Instead, a player like Moses Brown, who is 21-years-old and is on a minimum contract for the next three seasons is more appealing. 

According to The Athletic's John Hollinger, it's 'possible' that waiting until Oct. 1 for a Dragic trade could be necessary since that is the date when Moses Brown's recently traded player's exception is lifted. Meaning that's when he can be included with other players in a trade. 

Before I finish here, I will offer one carrot: There is some “improving the deal” potential that could be a factor here. One still suspects Toronto might have gone the Dragic route because it had another trade set up to get value for him. In particular, it’s possible the Raptors and Mavs are waiting until Oct. 1 — when the salary of Dallas big man Moses Brown can be aggregated — to complete a deal that would send Brown, Dwight Powell and one other small contract from Dallas to Toronto for Dragic. Depending on the player/asset combination, that could yield a rethink on the wisdom of the Raptors’ overall strategy.

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Brown caught the attention of many around the league after posting some strong box score performances with the Oklahoma City Thunder last season. Perhaps no greater example than when he recorded 21 points and 23 rebounds against the Boston Celtics on March 27, 2021.

Overall, Brown ended up posting averages of 8.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks in 21.4 minutes per game last season. He started the season on a two-way contract but quickly earned himself a four-year, $6.8 million contract from the Thunder. 

There are some legitimate limitations to Brown's skill-set. He struggles to make an impact defensively out in space and is limited to engaging in a deep drop. He also is purely a play-finisher inside the paint limited to mostly dunks and simple finishes. 

The Raptors do not have a legitimate need to add a new center given how they already Khem Birch, Chris Boucher, and Precious Achiuwa in the fold. Perhaps Brown could be viewed as a trade asset? 

If the Mavericks were to acquire Dragic around that Oct. 1 date, it would barely occur prior to the start of training camp. Regardless, there is already great chemistry between Dragic and Luka Doncic from their mutual time with the Slovenian national team.