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Mavs Camp Profile: Reggie Bullock

Coming off a successful season with the New York Knicks, Reggie Bullock enters a new stage of his career signing with the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas Basketball projects what's to come for the three-and-d wing.

While Reggie Bullock's time in New York ended following a postseason loss, his player profile rose slightly in light of his role on the playoff team. Once seen as a mere NBA journeyman, the eight-season veteran now has a reputation. The combination of his superb 3-point shooting and stout defense address some of the Dallas Mavericks' exigencies.

Last season, the New York Knicks ranked third in 3-point efficiency, albeit finishing 27th in attempts. Nonetheless, Bullock led the Knicks with six shots per contest. Working with an influx of point guards in the lineup, it's shocking Bullock managed such an efficient 41 percent from deep.

Envisioning a catch-and-shoot specialist learning the rhythm of three different point guards paints an intriguing picture. According to the NBA's database, 67 percent of Bullock's shots blossomed from catch-and-shoot sequences. Moreover, 93.5 percent of his field goals stemmed from assists.

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Naturally, such stats translate smoothly into the Dallas Mavericks offense. Bullock isn't a star by any means. However, the role in which he plays sweetens the deck for Doncic. Although Dorian Finney-Smith converted 43 percent of his 3-point shots in the 2021 playoffs, there were dry spells. In theory, Bullock will rehydrate the offense. 

Bullock won't threaten offenses off the dribble, instead, he will supplement Doncic's drive-and-kick actions. Fewer double teams for the superstar spells less huffing and puffing during fourth-quarter minutes. Perhaps Kidd can draw up some plays for Bullock to gain movement rather than stay stationary. However, only time will tell if either has the ability. 

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The prospect of interchanging Tim Hardaway Jr. and Bullock foreshadows a luxury for Kidd in future lineup decisions. There is a world where both can coexist, mainly due to Tim Hardaway's newfound tendency to drive to the rim. The offense goes from a redundant loop to a fluid motion if more players move with and without the ball. 

Expectations for Reggie Bullock

Although Bullock's 2020-21 campaign with the New York Knicks saw him as a full-time starter, such a role isn't guaranteed in Dallas. It's quite possible Bullock starts the season as a top second-unit option. Tim Hardaway Jr. and Finney-Smith's lineup placement will dictate where Bullock falls in the pecking order.

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However, as Kidd's focus with the Los Angeles Lakers leaned towards defense, perhaps Bullock lands in his favor. Even with his team-high charges drawn, Hardaway Jr. transitioning back into his sixth-man role wouldn't hurt the team's rhythm. Frankly, it's not about who starts, rather who ends the game. 

With all of the scenarios floating around as training camp nears, Bullock's placement in the lineup isn't certain. However, it's not outrageous to envision him registering at least 25 minutes per contest. Ultimately, I wouldn't be shocked if the eight-season veteran maneuvered himself in the starting lineup by the 2022 postseason.