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Exclusive: Mavs Stand Firm in NBA Trade Offer For Andre Iguodala

Exclusive: As NBA Trade Deadline Approaches, The Dallas Mavericks Are Standing Firm in Their Offer To Memphis For Wing Andre Iguodala

DALLAS - There have been seven months of gnashing of teeth, flapping of gums and wringing of hands over what might happen to the Memphis Grizzlies' in-limbo small forward Andre Iguodala.

Seven months. And the Dallas Mavericks, who made a trade offer on July 10 to acquire Iggy, have not budged.

While various reports around the NBA have created the impression that there is "new movement'' regarding Iguodala, there is nothing of the sort from the Mavs' side. Dallas' early-July offer to Memphis for the 35-year-old defensive stopper, who is on the Grizzlies roster but is not really part of the team, was the salary burden of Courtney Lee and a second-round pick, owned by Dallas via Golden State. We established that on June 10. That's the deal.

Lee is the $12.7-million ballast in the proposal. The high pick (Golden State has the worst record in the league and that pick will therefore be atop the second round) is the prize.

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Memphis is trying to send a message through the media, it seems, that accepting that deal is their "backup plan.'' Tim MacMahon of ESPN writes that the Dallas offer is viewed as the Grizzlies' "backup plan.''

We can't speak to the Grizzlies' thinking here, except to say that if they had a better offer for Iggy - who is owed $17 million this season on an expiring deal, with Memphis not planning to simply let him go via buyout - they'd have taken it.

Iguodala isn't the same guy who won the 2016 NBA Finals MVP. Last season for the Warriors, Iguodala averaged 5.7 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game in the regular aeason, though then in the playoffs, upped his numbers to 9.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 4.0 assists as the Warriors lost to Toronto in the NBA Finals.

If the Grizzlies change their minds and buy out Iguodala, they lose money for nothing. If they don't swap him, they pay $17.2 million for nothing. The Mavs - who don't see Iggy as "the final piece'' and therefore don't want to overpay, while also visualizing him as a high-rotation helper for a Luka Doncic-led playoff team - are offering Memphis a way to salvage their situation.

That's Dallas' position for seven months running now. Memphis can term the Mavs' offer a "backup plan'' ... but for that to be true, they'd have to have something more front-burner on Iggy. And with the NBA Trade Deadline of Feb. 6 now just a week away? The Mavs aren't moving. And the Grizzlies better get cooking.