Gang Green? Porzingis Hints at Mavs Uniform Change

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - Everybody is different. Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two are alike. Except ... One thing we all have in common: We all sincerely believe, in our heart of hearts, that we have "taste.''

Which brings us to the Dallas Mavericks uniforms, and which ones over the years look "silly'' or "trashy'' (as in, literally, like a trash bag'') or "classy.''

mavs dirk trash bag

Kristaps Porzingis recently operated the "Mavs Twitter Takeover" on the team's social-media site and he offered up a particular favorite via a fan question.

Does this mean the Mavs are in 2020-21 (assuming there is such a thing) bringing back what it seems to MFFLs is their beloved green uniform?

It's worth noting that when contributor Tyler Upchurch recently dug through some of his design suggestions over the years, he got positive reactions not only from KP but from Luka Doncic as well.

Now, KP and Luka's reactions were not specific to "green'' this time around.

So let's call this an "educated guess.''

Yes, in 2020-21, the Dallas Mavericks will have yet another new set of uniforms. Yes, Mavs owner Mark Cuban - like the rest of us a believer in his own ability to have "taste'' - also tries to have the pulse of the audience as well.


And yes, the Mavs are aware of how much you love green ... oh, say, the green that was present in the 2015 jerseys. The Mavs themselves advertised those as "classics'' at the time.

It would show good "taste'' to run that back again.