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'Basketball Is My Peace Place': Mavs’ Luka Doncic on Enjoying the Game He Loves

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic loves being on the basketball court, which he sees as his sanctuary where he 'always wants to go'.

In what will be breaking news to no one, Luka Doncic loves playing basketball. 

The Dallas Mavericks star's passion for the game is evident with his constant smile while playing, paired with his constant complaining to officials. Every game is played with his emotions worn on his sleeve. 

Doncic recently sat down with WFAA for an interview about his career and future, including his love and appreciation for the game.

"Basketball is my peace place. I always want to go there. I forget about everything that's going on off the court," Doncic said. "I just enjoy playing basketball."

And you see that peacefulness when he plays, as he dictates the pace of the game with his slow, methodical tempo. Doncic told WFAA that not being as athletic or fast as other players in the league forces him to adjust and play at his own pace, which gives him “a moment to think.”

But, even when being in his “peace place,” that doesn't mean things can't get stressful and tiring at times — especially with the workload Doncic carries. Through the ups and downs, Doncic keeps a straight face and goes to work at what he considers to be the job of a lifetime.

"Oh, it's fun. It's basketball. This is my work," Doncic said. "I have fun at work. It's amazing so every night I can on step on the court — it's fun for me."

Having fun at work while being one of the best in the world at your job? That’s truly the best job in the world. Let’s see if the Mavs can get Doncic a little more help around the office as this season progresses.

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