Will a Dirk Nowitzki silhouette grace the Mavs' AAC court?

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - Dirk Nowitzki is worthy of whatever honor the Dallas Mavericks opt to bestow on the 21-year lifer. So how about a Dirk silhouette as part of the AAC court? Would that do the honorarium trick?

Dirk has noted that in retirement, he'll remain with the Mavs in some capacity ... and he offered an answer in the affirmative when asked about any interest in being involved in Mavs ownership.

But maybe the Mavs have more obvious -- and yet creative -- plans for the legend that is Dirk, the most iconic Mavs player ever and, according to coach Rick Carlisle, "the greatest athlete'' in DFW's illustrious sports history.

Dirk, the sixth-leading scorer in NBA history but in DFW a symbol of not only excellence but also class, culture and humility, will someday have a statue of him ("the biggest, most badass statue,'' as owner Mark Cuban has promised) erected outside the Mavs home building. But for now?

How about a silhouette of The UberMan on the AAC floor?

That's the word on Twitter, and while the Mavs are not officially confirming it, our man Skin Wade on 105.3 The Fan on Friday did verify some version of this plan (maybe not identical to the video game look) and added that it is "very, very, very possible'' that Nowitzki himself arrived back in DFW this week after a trip to China with no knowledge of the plan.

Dirk as a person? Pretty great. Dirk as a logo? Pretty perfect.