WATCH: Mavs 3 Prep Days - For 3 Scheduled NBA Bubble Scrimmages

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - After three days of "training camp 2.0'' workouts this week at team headquarters, the Dallas Mavericks seem overflowing with confidence regarding their eight "seeding games'' and the NBA Playoffs in the Orlando Bubble to follow.

“I think that we’re a dangerous team and I think we can surprise people,'' Kristaps Porzingis said after Friday's Day 3 workout. "That’s got to be our mindset and what we’re working toward going into the postseason.”


That self-assuredness will be put to the test, however, in a trio of just-announced scrimmage games in Orlando. Dallas is to scrimmage against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, July 23, will work with the Indiana Pacers on July 26, and will get a final tune-up against the Philadelphia Sixers on July 28.

Then will come eight games in 14 days for the Mavs starting on July 31 (they "re-open'' against the Houston Rockets, followed by the first trip to the NBA Playoffs for Porzingis and Luka Doncic.


“We just want to win as many games as possible,” Doncic said. “Just go in there without pressure, having fun playing basketball and hopefully we can reach our goal. ... We just got to keep playing fun basketball and just keep playing together.”


The Mavs are scheduled to depart for Orlando on Wednesday ... and with a hoped-for long playoff run, might be checked into the bubble until well into August.

“This is certainly a new situation,'' said Rick Carlisle, who has coached this year's Mavs to a 40-27 mark, good for No. 7 in the West. "Never before have we gone through something like this in the NBA. Some people may look at it with trepidation. I look at it with an excitement. This is really an amazing opportunity for us.”