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Lance Stephenson had not played in the NBA since the 2019 season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the Atlanta Hawks signed him to a 10-day contract in December. 

After his 10-day contract was up with the Hawks, the Indiana Pacers signed Stephenson to a 10-day contract last week. 

This is now his third stint with Indiana. 

In his third game back with the Pacers, he had 30 points against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, and then on Saturday evening he had 16 points and a career-high 14 assists in the Pacers 125-113 win over the Utah Jazz in Indianapolis. 

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In four games back with the Pacers he is now averaging 14.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 6.0 assists per game. 

When Stephenson played for the Pacers earlier in his career, he was by far at his best compared to any other team he played for.   

On the season, the Pacers are still struggling with a 15-25 record, and are the 13th seed in the Eastern Conference.  

They have dug a big hole for themselves, and the only two teams in the conference that they have a better record than are the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic; two teams with absolutely no intentions of making the 2022 postseason.  

Maybe the signing of Stephenson, a fan favorite, could prove to be the game-changer that the Pacers need to turn around their season and make a run for the postseason. 

As for the Jazz, they fell to 28-12, but are the third seed in the Western Conference.