DeRozan, VanVleet recall "funniest" Lowry story


North Philly’s finest certainly isn't an Allen Iverson disciple when it comes to practice.

During the 2017-18 season the Toronto Raptors were practicing at UCLA during a West Coast road trip when Dwane Casey tried taking Kyle Lowry out of practice.

It didn't go over well, according to Fred VanVleet and DeMar DeRozan who recounted the story on Instagram Live yesterday.

Upset by being taken out, Lowry apparently sat "criss-cross applesauce" on the court, refusing to move if he couldn't practice.

"If I ain't practicing, ain't nobody practicing," DeRozan recalled Lowry saying.

When Casey tried to move practice to a different court, Lowry followed and continued his antics, interrupting practice again.

"At no level ever in life have I ever seen anything like that," VanVleet said. "Y'all are some crazy dudes man."

Lowry's occasionally cantankerous ways didn't seem to upset the team too much.

"Every time it was time to play nobody would ever know the (stuff) we was going through," DeRozan said. "Every time we went out to hoop, we hooped."