Looking back on Chris Bosh's Toronto tenure it's easy to see why pairing up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade interested the Raptors' icon. He spent seven seasons in Toronto and aside from a season and a half with Vince Carter, Bosh never really had a strong supporting cast.

Few losses illustrate that point more than Toronto's heartbreaking 113-112 loss a decade ago today to the Golden State Warriors.

When Bosh showed up at the Air Canada Centre on that April 4, 2010, he was clearly ready to go. He poured in 42 points — two shy of his career high of 44 set earlier that year — and 12 rebounds.

In the waining seconds of the game, with the Raptors down three, Bosh sunk both his free throws to pull Toronto to within one. Thats when someone other than Bosh stepped up for seemingly the first time in the game.

Sonny Weems — who went 2-for-11 in the game — stole an errant pass and quickly flipped the ball to Bosh under the basket. It was the kind of shot Bosh made 99 times out of 100. An easy flick and it should have been good. But this was the 1 in 100 and Bosh missed.

"The enduring image will be of Chris Bosh frozen in disbelief under the basket, unable to comprehend that his last-second, potential game-winning layup hadn't gone in," Doug Smith wrote in the Toronto Star.

But the loss wasn't Bosh's fault. The rest of the Raptors starting unit, comprised of Weems, Andrea Bargnani, Antoine Wright and Jose Calderon, shot a combined 24% on 11-for-45 shooting.

"If four-fifths of a starting lineup puts up those kinds of numbers, it doesn't matter a whit what the other guy does," Smith wrote.

"The guys who couldn't make a shot to save their souls need to be held responsible."

When play began on that April 4 afternoon, the Raptors were on a four game winning streak and clinging to the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference by a game and a half over the Chicago Bulls.

Seven days later — thanks to a five game losing streak — Toronto was on the outside looking in.

The Raptors never recovered from that loss. Had Bosh nailed the layup, Toronto would have finished the year 41-41 and made the playoffs thanks to the head-to-head tiebreaker the Raptors held over the Bulls.

Instead, Toronto finished the season 40-42, a game back of Chicago.

There's a video of the final seconds of the game on YouTube, posted on April 5, 2010 by a user known as wsupbrandon. His video perfectly captures the game.

It opens with a blank white screen with red font reading: "Sad Moment for the Toronto Raptors." The video is perfectly set to some song called Tout P'tit by Casus Belli. It's "sad music" as wsupbrandon says in the video's description. After a brief blurb about the moment, the video shows the final seconds of the game. It ends with that so-called "enduring image" of Bosh on the ground writing in emotional pain.

Four months after the loss, Bosh was gone, off to Miami to join James and Wade.