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Former Raptor Leaks 2018 Playoff Scouting Report on LeBron James, John Wall, & Bradley Beal

Former Toronto Raptors center Lucas Nogueira leaked the team's 2018 scouting reports vs. LeBron James, Bradley Beal, and John Wall
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The Toronto Raptors' 2018 playoff scouting reports have suddenly been declassified.

Former Raptors center Lucas "Bebe" Nogueira posted videos of Toronto's 2018 scouting reports on Instagram including the team's reports for LeBron James, Bradley Beal, and John Wall.

For James, there's not much to critique. He was considered a "good" ball handler in pick-and-roll situations and "excellent" as the screener who popped twice as often as he rolled, per the report. He was "elite" at finishing near the rim but an "average" mid-range shooter. Similarly, he was "good" as a three-point shooter off-the-dribble but just "average" in catch-and-shoot opportunities and much better shooting to his left compared to his right. He was an "excellent" shooter on the drive but an "average" passer while driving. Defensively, the Raptors considered him "below average" defending the ball handler or screener in pick-and-roll situations.

With Wall, the scouting report suggests dropping in pick-and-roll coverage to prevent him from finishing at the rim. He was an "above average" finisher at the rim in 2018 who preferred to go left. He was a bad high-volume shooter from the mid-range and a below average three-point shooter off the dribble.

Beal, who was 24 at the time, was considered an "average" high volume isolation player and "average" pick-and-roll player. He was "good" finishing at the rim, "above average" on mid-range shots, "good" on catch-and-shoot looks, and "above average" on off-the-dribble threes. He was also considered "elite" when shooting against closeouts and "above average" when he dribbles.

The Raptors ultimately knocked off the Washington Wizards 4-2 in the first round but were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the playoffs.

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