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Raptors Star Pascal Siakam Opens Up About Offseason

Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam takes Red Bull behind the scenes in his new YouTube series chronicling his 2020 offseason

Pascal Siakam is just like you. He loves content.

It's why, he said, he teamed up with Red Bull this offseason to film an in-depth YouTube series chronicling his offseason routine and what it was like to bounce back after a disappointing playoffs.

"We’re in an era where we can all decide to control what we put out there," the Toronto Raptors star said Wednesday. "It’s the beauty of having resources."

Who needs the media when you can be the media?

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Red Bull got behind the scenes access to see what Siakam went through this offseason after he and the Raptors were bounced from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics. It was undoubtedly a tough offseason for the 26-year-old Siakam who drew criticism from fans and media alike after an underwhelming showing in the Orlando Bubble. He admitted early in training camp that he didn't feel right mentally or physically after the COVID-19 hiatus and it affected the way he played.

"I'm always somebody that has fun playing the game and I love this game and I don't never want to be able to play the game without any joy," Siakam said on December 3. "I think that's just something that I didn't see myself [in the Bubble]."

It appeared in Episode 1 of Siakam's new show that he refound that joy over the offseason. He surrounded himself with the right people and got to work with Rico Hines trying to improve his game.

"Adding man, we just want to add," Hines said of Siakam's offseason plan. "Making 3s off the dribble, off the bounce, spot-up 3s, we want to continue to play with speed and play fast and play downhill, play with force. Obviously his fadeaway we want to put that into his game, and I just know he's back working and he'll be better."

That downhill, fast style of play is typically when Siakam is at his best. It's something the Raptors are hoping to get a little bit more out of this season, utilizing his attacking skills to force defenders to swarm him, freeing up opportunities for his teammates.

If Siakam can get back to his pre-pandemic self, attacking the rim, while mixing in a few of those spot-up 3-pointers he's been working on and a little more playmaking, there's no reason he can't take another step forward this season and show he truly is an All-NBA caliber player.