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2022 NBA Draft Signals New Era for Oklahoma City Thunder

Regardless of outcome, the 2022 NBA Draft signals a new era for the OKC Thunder.

Just four days away, the 2022 NBA Draft is just around the corner.

And for the Oklahoma City Thunder, this year’s draft will signal a new era, regardless of the outcome.

Not since 2007 has general manager Sam Presti and the Thunder had a selection as high as this year’s. With the second overall pick, they’ll likely grab the player that will usher them into a completely new stage of the franchise.

It won’t matter who Oklahoma City lands, it will be seismic.

If the Thunder lands 7-footer Chet Holmgren, whose impact can be drastically felt on both sides of the ball, the team could very well begin completing sooner rather than later.

Chet Holmgren
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Should it be 6-foot-10 sharpshooter Jabari Smith Jr., whose hard work earned him renown praise and a solid defensive reputation, the Thunder add another likely piece to their championship puzzle.

If it’s Duke’s Paolo Banchero, a massive hybrid with guard skills, that could signal a change in ideology, with significant roster moves to be made after.

Even Purdue's explosively athletic guard Jaden Ivey seems to be on the table. Should Presti opt towards another guard rather than one of the two remaining big men, the small-ball ideals he introduced back in 2019 are likely concrete and unwavering.

And then there’s Oklahoma City twelfth overall selection, which should have a plethora of projects and win-now players available for the taking.

The newest Thunder era is swiftly approaching, and it begins on June 23.

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