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Jeremy Sochan Eyeing Lottery Selection, Hoping to Improve Offensively

Jeremy Sochan received high praise in his lone season at Baylor, and is now looking to continue his growth in the NBA.

Jeremy Sochan is yet another example in this year's NBA draft of a player who simply plays his role.

Sochan, a native of Milton Keynes, England, played his lone college season with Baylor under coach Scott Drew. During the season, Sochan made his mark. The season concluded with him being named Big 12 Sixth Man of the Year.

He didn’t explode on the stat sheet, but when taken out of the Bears lineup his absence is felt. He averaged 9.2 points and 6.4 rebounds per game in his freshman season. He also shot an uber-efficient 47.4% from the field, a big plus to any lineup. His 3-point shooting could use improvement as he was under the 30% mark.

“I'm looking forward to showing NBA teams how mature my game is for my age and l how I learn and adapt to new places quickly,” Sochan told ESPN. “Also, my shot consistency and how I can contribute on the offensive end.”

On the defensive end of the floor, his nimbleness allows him to defend a handful of positions. In a league where defensive switches are more prevalent than ever that ability is crucial in a draft pick.

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Sochan, a power forward, is powered to his success by his 6-foot-9 and 230-pound frame. With the Thunder lacking in interior depth, instead of maintaining a roster heavy with guards, Sochan could provide immediate help to the lacking area.

Sochan started just one collegiate game, so him being an immediate starter in the NBA could be a longshot, but he’s proven his impact will still be high off the bench. However, starting could still be in the cards, depending on the other moves the Thunder may make.

OKC owns two lottery picks, one projected in the top five and another in the latter section of the lottery. Sochan is a projected late top-10 or later in the lottery, giving the Thunder a chance of being available when the second of the two picks rolls around.

Sochan still has growing to do in his game. But his tangibles of athleticism and size are unteachable, making him a valuable lottery selection. 

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