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Chet Holmgren Brings Added Attention to Oklahoma City

Second overall pick Chet Holmgren has a gravitational pull that will bring eyes to OKC.

Despite success or various rising stars, Chet Holmgren will bring more attention to Oklahoma City save for a few that walked his path already.

Selected No. 2 overall in the 2022 NBA Draft, but potentially being the most versatile and exclusive player in years, plenty of eyes will be on Holmgren in OKC.

Media coverage, added OKC fans and basketball nerds alike will flock to see the product Holmgren will be putting on the court, be it successful or otherwise.

That’s how the cookie crumbles when you’re a 7-foot-1 basketball phenom whose basketball limitations can be written on a post-it note.

And Holmgren embraces it.

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Chet Holmgren, Houston Rockets, NBA Summer League

Holmgren has long been in the spotlight. It’s easy enough when you’re one of the top players on the planet in your age group. Dunking on Steph Curry at his camp is just the added cherry on top.

Of course OKC has stars, both on and off the court, already. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has a tangible ambiance, and is in the top tier of fashionable NBA players. Australian guard Josh Giddey has a

Yet none feel more gravitational than Holmgren. Whether that’s due to his mysterious far-ranging outlook, confidence on and off the court or any variety of other options that make him hard to look away from.

The Thunder will now look to finish razing the roster until the regular season maximum of 15 players is all that remains. 

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