Thunder/Jazz Live Blog, Game Notes

Erik Gee

It's all good news for the Oklahoma City Thunder as they take on the Utah Jazz today at 2:30. Billy Donovan says everyone is available for today's contest.  

When it comes to Andre Robeson's minutes, Donovan says, "We'll have to see how the game goes."..."I think I've been pretty consistent on the fact that we gotta keep all these guys engaged and ready you just don't know what could happen."

"But certainly there will be an opportunity for Andre I think in every game, but we'll see how the game's going, but he's done a nice job through the first three scrimmages. though the few weeks we've been here (Orlando), I'm just happy he's back on the court, and he's available."

Terrance Ferguson sat out the Thunder's last scrimmage with Portland with a leg contusion. Ferguson tries to stay active even though he's been dealing with soreness due to his injury. 

Ferguson says his leg is "70-80 percent" but is planning to compete as if it hasn't been hurt at all. 

I asked Donovan about giving Sahi Gilgeous-Alexander some time at point guard with Chris Paul and Dennis Schroder off the floor so he could get more comfortable with that role once Schroder leaves the bubble. "I think we have tried to work on that some during practice knowing Dennis's situation."..."We've gotta play the game to win, and to put our best foot forward, these games are all meaningful right now."

"Whenever Dennis has to leave and tend to his family, I feel confident Sahi will be ready for that." 

Donovan also has not said if the Thunder would kneel when the National Anthem is being played. 

First Quarter:

Very powerful opening to today's game with Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and other NBA players talking about the Black Lives Matter movement.  "Our country's not going to go back to normal," Kyle Korver. 

Rob Clay is singing the Star-Spangled Banner with both teams kneeling on the sidelines.  

We are back underway!  4 possessions between both teams, three turnovers, and no points. 

Gallinari with a power dunk and one! Three-point play for Oklahoma City.

Four-point play for the Thunder has OKC up 7-4 in the early first quarter. 

Thunder defense has looked pretty good though the first few minutes, but the offense is sloppy. Four turnovers in the first four minutes and change. Three-point shooting is also a nice surprise as Oklahoma City has connected on three of four from beyond the arc. 

Dort, gets the fast break started off the deflection, and an excellent rebound and save from Gallinari on the missed layup. 17-9 Oklahoma City as Schroder gets ready to check-in. 

Gallinari 11 points in seven minutes. Just keep expecting to see the ball catch fire when it's in his hands. "He's on fire!." Darius Bazley and Schroder both in as Gallinari and Chris Paul head to the bench. 

Hamidou Diallo is also getting some first-quarter run, along with Nerlens Noel. 

A couple of stats that stick out in first half, Thunder have scored five points off Utah turnovers, also Oklahoma City 10 points on fast-breaks. 

Oklahoma City leads 29-15 at the end of the first quarter. 

Second Quarter

How bout Diallo forcing Clarkson into a double dribble. Schroder with three fouls, at 10:31 in the second quarter.  Lu Dort will go in for Schroder.

Oklahoma City with a chance to complete its second four-point play of the game. 

The nine turnovers for the Thunder are more than bothersome. However, just about every other facet of the game is going so well, Oklahoma City can disguise their glaring; it's one glaring flaw. 

Donovan was concerned about the sloppy play after the three scrimmages, and he still has reason to be worried. Jazz could start to chip away at this lead if the Thunder doesn't clean that up.  

Andre Roberson is playing in his first regular-season game in over two and a half years. That's 917 days since Roberson had this opportunity. 

Was that Steven Adams making a rip move? Basketball doesn't count, and Adams gets nailed for "hostile" act?. What hostile act?  I"m not one to agree with Michale Cage, but I don't get that call.  

Never mind, Adams clearly hit Gobert in the face with his left arm. You can live with Adams doing something stupid when you have a 20 point lead. Just hope whatever message he was sending, got though to Gobert, and if these two teams meet in the playoffs, he stays in check. 

Being honest, I thought that roles would be reversed going into halftime.  I expected the Thunder to turn the ball over as they have (10), but, I didn't think Jazz would be as bad (9) after having a game under their belt.  

 That Jazz is doing a good job of scoring in the paint, they just can't hit from outside but have had open looks. Where this game is being won is the Thunder's ability to get to the line, and shooting the lights out at over 64 percent. 

In case you're wondering the Thunder have been to the line 14 times to Utah's five. 

11/14 OKC 3/5 Jazz. 

Thunder leads 66-42 at halftime. 

Third Quarter

Thunder goes with the starting five at the beginning of the third quarter.  Shai going to the rim and picking up the foul, Oklahoma City as shot 16 free throws this afternoon. It's an obvious point but, if they keep getting to the line, it's going to be hard for anyone to beat them in a seven-game series. 

Can I point out that Utah has 30 points in the paint? Michale Cage keeps talking about them having a tough time scoring inside an that is just not the case. Between Gallinari and Adams, the Thunder are trying to send a message to the Jazz.  

Yes, Gallinari went for the ball, but, it was unnecessary, I understand you want to make a play, and keep the Jazz from building any more momentum than they have, but, at that point, you're better to let it go in the ref's eyes. 

In my eyes...I have no issue with what either Adams or Gallinari did today, especially if Oklahoma City plays Utah in the first round. The Thunder need to establish that they are going to be the aggressor in a seven-game series. 

I asked for Darius Bazley to play more minutes, he's played over 14 today, he was averaging 17 during the season. I don't know what more I can say about Diallo, that corner three gives OKC a 22 point lead with just over a minute to go in the third.  

86-62 Oklahoma City at the end of three. 

Fourth Quarter

Utah cutting into that free throw shooting discrepancy.  There have been no lead changes or ties in this game. 

110-94. We'll break things down on Inside Thunder.