Andre Roberson Practices With the Thunder

Erik Gee

Andre Roberson is back on the court with the Thunder. On Friday head coach Billy Donovan told the media Roberson practiced and "was able to go through everything." 

Per Erik Horne of the Athletic, Donovan said Roberson "looked really good in terms of how he was moving." Roberson's road back to the NBA has been hampered by setbacks.  

However, in April, during an interview with Buffs TV, Roberson let us know he might be close to returning. "I'm kind of past the rehab stage; I'm almost to the point of where I should be playing honestly."..."There is light at the end of the tunnel." 

Despite not being able to contribute on the floor, Roberson is still considered a vital part of the Thunder organization. Danilo Gallinari is one of many players who is glad to the Thunder's stopper back in action. 

"He's doing great. I'm very happy to see him play because I know what it means to be out for that long with a bad injury."... "Just to see the joy and energy he brings to the team, it's great to see him out there with us."

Chris Paul is one of Roberson's biggest fans. The two would find themselves matched up on one another when they were on opposite teams. 

But, since coming to Oklahoma City, Paul is finding out why those in the locker room respect Roberson. "Even before I actually played a game, I did a movie release out in L.A, and Dre came."

Paul calls Robers the consummate teammate. "For a guy to go through all of the things he's been through and for me to get back to Oklahoma during the quartine and to see that he was out on the court working and to actually play, I'm so happy for him."  

Paul says Roberson has been though some of the hardest times that people wouldn't even know. Sam Presti says if Roberson can go, the Thunder will use him. 

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Erik Gee


Will do, my man. Ask and you shall receive.


needing some info on dennis shroeder eric we all know how important he is too the success of the thunder , hook us up