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OKC’s Chet Holmgren Showcases Versatile Offensive Skillset

Second overall selection Chet Holmgren showcased a wide variety of offensive moves at the CrawsOver Pro-Am.

At the CrawsOver Pro-Am on Saturday, Chet Holmgren again showcased a variety of offensive moves not seen in his college experience.

With Gonzaga, Holmgren functioned primarily as a play-finisher and floor-spacer on offense. He was extremely efficient finishing around the rim, and shot just under 40 percent from three-point land.

But at times in the Summer League, and nearly all of his CrawsOver content, Holmgren displayed advanced levels of offensive creations and shotmaking.

In Summer League, most of Holmgren’s flashes came in his first game. He pulled any and all moves out of his then closed-off bag, hitting faders and step-backs threes with ease.

In the CrawsOver however, there were no holds barred for Holmgren on offense.

One-legged turnaround fadeaway’s, long-form step-backs and a variety of other moves that would’ve had NBA scouts salivating had it been on his college tape.

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Not to mention his eight blocks on the defensive end.

Chet Holmgren, Houston Rockets, NBA Summer League

Holmgren, of course, won’t be able to bust those out early in his professional career. Early on, he’ll likely function similarly to his role at Gonzaga, sprinkling in the fun stuff here and there before really pouring it on a few years down the line.

But for his size, even being able to operate that skillfully in any capacity shows a promising outlook on that end of the court.

Players go their entire career not being able to excel at the highest levels of basketball, and for Holmgren to show flashes in a 7-foot-1 frame.

For now, Holmgren’s talents will likely next be seen in OKC’s preseason games in early October.

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