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Presti Faces Hardest Decision Yet With Roster Cuts

Sam Presti isn’t a stranger to difficult decisions. This year is no different.

Sam Presti makes plenty of tough decisions, but he’s currently facing quite possibly the most difficult one yet.

During the reshaping of the Thunder, he traded for Paul George, traded away Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, among many other decisions, that if made wrong, could’ve been detrimental to the team’s progress.

But this season, Presti is tasked with a decision with no clear-cut good option.

The Thunder brought in four draft picks, including three lottery selections this off-season which overloaded the already jam-packed roster.

Presti’s choice comes down to most likely three young names who still have plenty of potential and room to grow left.

Ty Jerome and Theo Maledon are fighting for a spot in the guard rotation, likely the final one. Both are extremely young and have yet to enter their primes.

Jerome has played solid roles in his seasons in OKC. Maledon is younger but hasn’t developed as one may have thought to this point.

Maledon has age on his side of the argument to stay, but Jerome has consistency in his play.

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Vit Krejci is another player on the roster bubble. With Ousmane Dieng entering the forward fold, Krejci’s already wobbly role is in extreme danger.

Krejci could remain on the roster, but it’s hard to see a scenario where he’s safe. His position is full minutes are bare and hard to find.

Krejci was a big help for OKC down the stretch of last season when injuries mounted around him.

He drew eyes of fans and the league.

The biggest difficulty in the decision is the suitors the players will have. It’s doubtful that any of the three struggle to find a new home if they are waived.

Isaiah Roby is a prime example. It took him minimal time to find a new team after he departed from OKC.

Presti’s clock to make the decision is ticking down each day, and with it, the decision doesn’t get any easier. It simply keeps getting harder. 

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