Thunder Schedule Released Tonight

Erik Gee

Tonight at 6 pm Central we will know what the Thunder's path is to a better playoff seeding. ESPN will broadcast a special edition of NBA Countdown unveiling the schedule for the association's reboot. 

According to ESPN Maria Taylor, Jalen Rose, Paul Pierce, Adrian Wojnarowski, and Jay Williams will be along to breakdown key matchups, plus the National TV schedule will also be revealed. Each team will play eight games starting July 30th. 

Earlier in the month it was reported that teams would pick up where their schedule left off before the season was suspended in March. If they were scheduled to play a team that was not invited to Orlando, they would go to the next opponent in order of sequence.  

If this is the case, the Thunder's schedule could contain the Nuggets (twice) along with the Clippers and Suns and Jazz. A game and half are all that separates Oklahoma City from the third seed or the seventh seed. 

 Extra enticing is the fact the Thunder's first game back would be Jazz. Not only are these the two teams that were at ground zero when the league shut down, but they could also play each other in the first round of the playoffs. 

Billy Donovan holds that the regular season tells you nothing about the postseason. But with only eight games to get ready for the playoffs, we should have a better feel for what a seven-game series will look like between future opponents when we see them in a seeding matchup. 

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