Steven Adams Jokes About Boxing out Cows

Erik Gee

When you have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the NBA, not being able to play basketball can be a killer. Depending on where you were during quarantine, access to gyms was limited. 

For Thunder center Steven Adams who spent his time off doing farm work New Zeland, limited workouts meant he had to get creative. Adams jokes, "So, I was boxing out cows and all that, bro."

"I was on the farm I was hitting cows."  At least we think Adams was kidding about roughing up his family's livestock. 

If not, it just speaks to how dedicated he was to getting back on the floor. Admit it; you have visions of Adams moving Elsie [the Borden's cow] off the block in a Tik Tock video. 

In all seriousness, New Zeland has one of the lowest rates of COIV-19 cases in the world. Adams says this allowed gyms to open up sooner than they would have in other places. 

Professional athletes were coming home and looking for pickup games. "It was just like the touches and whatnot."...."The screening part of it and whatnot is a little bit different."

Adams says that even though he was exposed to the game over the last three months, he'll struggle to play at the NBA's pace. "It's a different timing; it's a different speed, it's a different everything."

For the first few games expect Adams to  "be on the same page" with the cats he was playing against in his home county. But, in short order, he'll be in NBA shape and ready to contribute at the same high level. 

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