Terrance Ferguson is the Most Selfless Player on the Thunder

Erik Gee

Is there anyone in the Thunder organization that is under more scrutiny than Terrance Ferguson? The answer to that question is no. 

All fanbases want a scapegoat to point at when the season doesn't end with a championship, and Fergurson fits the profile. Most nights, he is going to expend so much energy on defense that his offensive numbers are going to pale in comparison to the other four guys on the court. 

But, at least for now, the Thunder aren't putting him on the Perry Jones, Cam Payne, Mitch McGary scrap heap, and there are good reasons for that. Let's start with the fact that Ferguson had his fourth-year option picked up before the season tipped off. 

Of course, this won't keep Ferguson from getting traded, but unless he can become a more consistent shooter (4.2 points per game, 37 percent from the field), there isn't a lot of value for a defensive specialist. Also, you figure if Billy Donovan and Sam Presti were genuinely done with him, he wouldn't be getting minutes while Lou Dort is on the bench.   

We make fun of Ferguson's inability to score, but there are nights he can explode as he did against the 76ers.  "For Terrence Ferguson tonight was especially sweet. Ferguson not only had one of his best offensive outings ( 7-9 from the floor, 5-7 from three for 19 points) his daughter saw her dad play at the Peake for the first time in her life." 

Another thing to keep in mind is Ferguson is just 21. Despite playing four years professionally, he's not even in his prime. 

Presti still has time to mold Ferguson into the player he thought he was when he picked him 21st overall in 2017.  He may not be worth the first-round selection you used on him; however, Dort can get into foul trouble, and it's nice to have an experienced backup, which has the confidence to take on any team's best player. 

Ferguson has had off the court issues. Still, it's hard to criticize a guy who had a public custody battle with his ex-fiance over the right to raise his daughter. 

Their selflessness defines the Thunder, and Ferguson exemplifies that. After his eight-game leave of absence that cost him his starting job, it would have been easy for him to pout. 

Ferguson did the opposite "As long as we win, I don't care about who's starting." He could be lying, but even if he's swallowing his pride for the team's sake, it works. 

Where ever you stand on Ferguson, I'm rooting for him. Not only is he a great come back story, but he's also from Tulsa, and that hits close to home. 

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Erik Gee
Erik Gee


That's why you won't see him get moved anytime soon. Not that the Thunder haven't bailed on cats, but, they have a soft spot for him and Dre.


When his confidence is at a high level , the young man plays at a high level. The thunder have a handful of youngens that look to be really good soon , our future is bright and tferg has the tools to be a big part of that .