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Thunder Guard Josh Giddey Set to Amplify 2022 Rookie Class

Oklahoma City's Josh Giddey makes the 2022 rookie class even more exciting for fans.

The 2022 NBA Draft came-and-went, leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder will four shining new rookies.

Chet Holmgren, Ousmane Dieng, Jalen Williams and Jaylin Williams. Each with a wide variety of skill and abilities that are likely to help OKC for year’s to come.

While the Thunder’s newest crop is exciting, Josh Giddey, the 2021 rookie, makes it even more exciting.

Standing at 6-foot-8 with immensely special passing ability, Giddey is set to amplify each and every player on the team in one way or an other, including the four rookies.

Giddey averaged 6.4 assists in his lone professional season with OKC, and is likely to continue building onto that.

Holmgren, with a 7-foot-6 wingspan and innate feel everywhere on the court, is likely to benefit the most. For now, Homgren is a play-finisher, using his size and length to finish fluidly around the rim with either hand. He also functions well as a trailer, and can be used as a pick-and-roll screener or even a handler at times.

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Chet Holmgren, 2022 NBA Draft

While Gonzaga’s guards were fine, there was certainly no Giddey. Someone who will be able to consistently hit Holmgren at his high-point or find him trailing behind for an errant three-ball.

Dieng and Jalen Williams will benefit as well. As likely off-ball, secondary playmakers moving forward, Giddey will be able to hit them right in their wheelhouse and hopefully adjusted to the NBA life quickly. At 6-foot-10, Dieng can function as a spot-up and lob-threat until he’s ready to take the ball himself.

Jalen Williams, a near 40-percent three-point shooter at Santa Clara, has confidence in his off-ball abilities next to OKC’s talented playmakers.

Jaylin Williams, of Arkansas, is reportedly one of the smarter players coming out of the draft. Knowing when to slash, pop to the 3-point line and more will work wonders for Giddey’s ability to get him the rock in timely fashion.

With second overall selection Holmgren and two other lottery picks, it’s easy for fans to move onto the next big thing, but Giddey’s foundational style of play makes the class that much more exciting.

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