Video: Why the Oklahoma City Thunder Should Retire Kevin Durant's Jersey

Erik Gee

Kevin Garnett will have his jersey retired by the Boston Celtics. Let that sit for a second. 

Arguably the most significant organization in the NBA's history isn't going to let anyone wear the number 5 from this day forward. Pretty heady stuff for a guy who only spent six of his 21 seasons in Boston. 

Not that Garnett wasn't a significant part of Celtic history, he did help them earn their 17th (most in the NBA) championship and had them within an earshot of winning number 18. For all he accomplished in Boston, Garnett is going to be remembered as Minnesota Timberwolf.   

But he doesn't want that distinction. Garnett says Timberwolves owner Glenn Taylor made unfulfilled promises when he returned to the team in 2014. As a result, Garnett would consider the gesture of retiring his number 21 as hollow.

Garnett's recent outburst got me thinking about our own Kevin. Would Durant feel the same as Garnett were Clay Bennett to want to hang his jersey in the Peake rafters? 

Last year in an interview with the Wallstreet Journal Darunt couldn't help himself when took a swipe at Oklahoma City's front office. "the organization, the GM, I ain't talked to none of those people, even had a nice exchange with those people, since I left."

Sam Presti responded, "I think we've been 100 percent, consistent relative, to the way we feel about him, recognizing his contributions to not only the team but the city." By his actions over the last four years, Durant comes across as hurt. 

The Thunder have treated Durant with nothing but class since he left. Outside of a few passive-aggressive comments from Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams, there has been no attempt to besmirch his reputation. 

As a show of respect, the Thunder should hang his jersey next to Nick Collison's. Not only will this speak to what kind of organization Bennett runs, but it also gives you the last word, and maybe Durant can heal from his unresolved feeling about his time in Oklahoma City.