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Young Team Bodes Well For Future of OKC Thunder

Sam Presti  has the second-youngest team in NBA  history, but still has high expectations.

Oklahoma City has one clear goal.

Stay young, which Sam Presti made that clear in his press conference this week. In fact, this season’s team has the youngest roster in NBA history, behind just last season's Thunder team.

OKC is led by 24-year-old guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and the rest of the roster doesn’t get much older. The oldest players on the roster are 31-year-old’s Mike Muscala and Derrick Favors — Muscala is just a couple of weeks older than Favors.

The Thunder’s core makes the goal easy and with OKC’s draft stockpile they have the chance to remain one of the younger NBA teams for a long time to come.

It hasn’t panned out to success, but that hasn’t been the goal for the Thunder. They’re goal has been to earn the highest draft pick, and the goal seems to not be changing this season especially with the young roster goal remaining.

The young roster however, does give OKC fans stuff to look forward to. They have plenty of potential to pan into a competitive team down the road.

With a starting lineup with less than five years of experience the starting lineup fits the mold of what OKC wants and it’s a positive step forward in the rebuild.

It may not be flashy to have a young roster, but the skill sets of the team and the outlook for the future outweigh the current state of the team.

Rebuilds take time, as Oklahoma City continues to take a step forward and the young core will soon approach their primes, giving the Thunder more chances to get back to a deep playoff run. 

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