Sorry Shaq, an NBA Asterisk Is Asinine: Unchecked

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Shaquille O’Neal and others have said any resumed NBA season would have an asterisk next to it. I have a question. Why?

Because not only do I disagree, but I believe a championship this season could have even more meaning.

Mind you, I’m not talking about safety concerns or logistics here, that’s a separate conversation and obviously an important one. However, when it comes to actual competition, everyone is disadvantaged. And I don’t know who will be hurt or benefit from having to quickly ramp up activity following a break in action after play was halted.

Sure, circumstances could be slightly different for some, but for the most part all teams, like all of us, are dealing with the same things. Just because a few might get into gyms a little earlier and separated from teammates doesn’t mean we should throw away the whole thing.

It’s also not as if the league hasn’t given out rings in different sort of seasons. I don’t believe anyone wants to take one from Tim Duncan because he and the Spurs won in a lockout shortened year in 1999. Same goes for the Heat in 2012. And that was LeBron’s first one.

If the season isn’t canceled, we certainly shouldn’t cancel the championship. Are we so miserable in quarantine that we would already attempt to sully something that could bring solace? Because as I said, whoever wins it, I think any potential ring might have extra significance.

So, the idea of an asterisk is kind of asinine.