Video: Why Kawhi Leonard is the Hardest Player to Rank in the NBA

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Kawhi Leonard is regarded as one of the best players in the NBA but how will he be ranked amongst the past NBA legends? SI's Robin Lundberg details why it's difficult to accurately compare Kawhi's career achievements to current and former basketball greats. 

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Robin Lundberg: With no actual sports, and since they can lead to ultimately harmless and fun arguments, everyone seems to be doing rankings. But when it comes to the NBA, there's one player in particular who's most difficult to do that with Kawhi Leonard. I'm not talking currently where Kawhi has to be in the top three, but historically, where will Leonard fall? 


Because he doesn't have the statistical profile of an all time great with career averages of eighteen point six points, six point four rebounds and 2.7 assists per game. Nothing to scoff at, but hardly legendary. And if you look at the records, you've got to scroll a long ways before you find his name. Not to mention he's just a four time all star with no regular season MVP award. With that said, Kawhi is a proven winner. And if anyone's game has reminded me the most of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant since, it's his.

Kawhi Leonard was awarded the first-ever Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP Award.

He's also a defensive menace and has been the most valuable player of the NBA finals with two separate teams, including leading Toronto to its first championship as the lone superstar and having the clippers of all squads in contention currently. So while it's difficult to say he's one of the best ever given the overall body of work, it's just as tough to dismiss his case as a generational player. Perhaps he's the perfect guy to occupy such a spot as I'm sure he cares. Not at all.

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