May 13, 2009

Two days after firing his second set of representatives, Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith has decided to return to Priority Sports.

A source close to Smith said the sixth pick in this year's draft will submit paperwork today restoring Priority Sports as his representation. This comes two days after he filed paperwork with the Players Association terminating his agreement with the company.

The union requires a five-day cooling off period after termination papers are filed. During that time a player is prohibited from signing with another agent. However, a union representative said the five-day period does not apply to the terminated party, therefore Smith can re-sign with Priority immediately.

There had been speculation that Smith would re-sign with his initial agent, Alvin Keels, but the source said Smith has decided to return to Rick Smith and Priority Sports.

The change of heart is the latest incident that calls into question Smith's maturity. He was suspended for the Sugar Bowl after a member of his family allegedly had improper contact with an agent, and last February he was criticized when he left the Scouting Combine without notifying organizers.

Rick Smith of Priority Sports had no comment when reached this morning. Andre Smith could not be reached for comment.

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