Arian Foster reveals hamstring MRI

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The Texans -- not to mention fantasy owners everywhere -- are crossing their fingers that Arian Foster's hamstring injury will heal in time for the 1,600-yard back to be ready for Week 1 against the Colts. Foster tweeted Wednesday what he said was an image of an MRI he had on the hamstring.

The MRI showed some white discoloration in the area of his right hamstring, which Foster said was "known in the medical world as anti-awesome." Later, probably after some panicked responses from fans, Foster tweeted this:


However, injury analyst Dr. Michael Kaplan told ESPN that the MRI looked like "at least a mild to moderate strain, meaning he's torn some of the muscle fibers -- a Grade one to two (strain).

"There's a fair amount of swelling and bleeding on the MRI. ... It's going to be a couple weeks at least (before he can play). If you get him back to soon, he's at a high risk for re-rupture and you can't take that risk. ... I think it's very unlikely (Foster is ready for Week 1)."

A timetable of "a couple weeks" or more would keep Foster on the sideline for that all-important opener vs. the Colts and possibly beyond -- Houston visits Miami in Week 2, New Orleans in Week 3 and returns home to play Pittsburgh in Week 4.

We've already covered here how the Texans could survive without Foster, though the longer this injury drags out, the harder that becomes.