By Don Banks
March 06, 2014
The Steelers are cutting vets to get under the cap, while the Raiders have the most cap room in the NFL.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Getting running back Arian Foster and inside linebacker Brian Cushing back to full health will help brighten the 2014 picture considerably, but Houston still needs more playmaking and depth at linebacker, and has upgrades to make in both the offensive line and the secondary. It's crucial that the Texans use their lofty draft slot this year to their full advantage, given they get to reset the board and pick first on all three days of the draft (in the first round, the second round and the fourth round). If they can come away with three or four starters and supplement with a few valuable veterans in the second tier of free agency, a bounce-back season in O'Brien's debut effort is one of the safer bets in the NFL this year.

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