NFL scout says Jameis Winston's NFL draft stock is rapidly sinking

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Jameis Winston was cited – but not arrested – for shoplifting on Tuesday. (John W. McDonough/SI)

Jameis Winston is destroying his 2015 NFL draft stock, says NFL scout

We're still over a week away from the 2014 NFL draft, but the wide belief going into next season was that Florida State quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston would be the top overall selection in the 2015 NFL draft.

Key word: was.

Winston of course has found himself in a handful of off-field predicaments in recent months, with the latest coming today after he was cited for stealing crab legs from a grocery store.

While it was a relatively small charge in the grand scheme of things, according to an NFL scout, Winston is destroying his draft stock with his poor choices.

"When I heard about this [latest incident], I was stunned. He was the top overall pick next year. Was. Not any more," the scout told Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman. "This latest thing shows a continuation of bad judgment. I don't trust him, and I can tell you very few teams in the NFL will trust him."

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The unnamed scout wasn't the only NFL mind to unleash discouraging comments about Winston, as a front office executive stated he believed the quarterback was falling out of the first round. Another scout also hinted the Florida State product couldn't be trusted moving forward.

Needless to say, Winston is going to need the rest of 2014 and the early months of 2015 to be squeaky clean as he's quickly upsetting the wrong people.

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