Joe Namath believes Michael Vick should start at quarterback for New York Jets

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Namath knows a thing or two about playing quarterback in the NFL. (John W. McDonough/SI)

New York Jets starting quarterback: Joe Namath favors Michael Vick over Geno Smith

The New York Jets will need to choose between Michael Vick and Geno Smith in the team's quarterback competition, and many believe that Vick is the superior option.

Smith struggled as a rookie and there are some concerns about his ability to turn the corner, which doesn't play in his favor with Vick already having a grasp on the offense that Marty Mornhinweg is bringing to the Jets.

That familiarity and everything he has done in the past should be enough to win Vick the starting job, at least if you ask Jets legend Joe Namath.

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“Of course, the coaches are going to decide who’s out there, but, boy, I don’t know any football fan that’s been around for nine or 10 years that doesn’t think Michael [Vick] will be outstanding and probably is the best player at this time,” Namath said, via ESPN.

“If Mike’s healthy, I think he’s the better player at this point. Now, Geno’s got some talent, no doubt, but we’ve obviously seen Michael and what he can do. To have some knowledge of [Marty Mornhinweg's] offense, I think that’s an advantage, too, for Michael to make the transition. It’s a matter of how sound he is.”

Namath's opinion obviously won't determine who the Jets choose as their starting quarterback, but all of his points make sense and seem to go along with the conventional thought process many have had since Vick joined the Jets.

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