New York Jets QB Michael Vick believes he can lead team to a Super Bowl

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Michael Vick has said all the right things since coming to New York, but does he mean it? (Al Tielemans/SI)

Michael Vick

For the most part since his arrival with the New York Jets, veteran QB Michael Vick has more or less conceded the starting job to Geno Smith. It seems he's agreed that his role is more that of a mentor to Smith than to come in and immediately take the Jets organization back to the playoffs.

The thing is, though, not many people are buying that and believe that come the first game of the 2014 season, Vick will be under center leading the charge for head coach Rex Ryan and the offense.

So should that end up being the case and Vick is taking the snaps, how much of a factor can he be on this team? According to the man himself, he can get this team the chance to play for the Lombardi Trophy.

“I just feel like I can help any football team, any organization, particularly this football team, get to a Super Bowl,” Vick told the New York Daily News on Thursday. “It’s tough at this stage of my career because I still feel like I’m a fairly young player and I can still keep up. People make it seem like I’m getting older and things are not the same. I beg to differ.”

Some may laugh at this, however given the miracle work Ryan did with this team last year by getting it  to an 8-8 record, it's not all that far-fetched.

If Vick is tabbed as the starter, not only will he have a fairly good defense behind him, but will also have some decent help on his side of the ball from two other veterans who were acquired by the team this offseason in wide receiver Eric Decker and running back Chris Johnson. Also, the team returns Chris Ivory in the backfield .

The only question from here is: Will he get the chance to prove his Super Bowl theory correct?