Jim Irsay has driver's license suspended for one year for refusing blood test

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Jim Irsay was arrested March 16 on charges of impaired driving. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts owner, has driver's license suspended for one year

We can only hope that the substance abuse issues for Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay are behind him, but unfortunately the ramifications of his early March arrest are not.

According to a report from the Indianapolis Star, on the day that he was arrested back on March 16 for impaired driving, Irsay refused a blood test requested by an officer, and by Indiana law, that results in an automatic one-year suspension of his driver's license, a suspension that will begin on May 27.

Just because Irsay refused the test, doesn't mean that he ultimately didn't end up giving a sample anyway. Police eventually obtained a court order that mandated the Colts' owner to submit the sample.

Back in late May, Irsay was formally charged with two misdemeanor counts of impaired driving and he is scheduled to appear back in court for his initial hearing on June 19.

Irsay made his first public appearance at the NFL meetings last month and addressed his substance abuse issue as well as how his personal health is coming along.

"Physically, I'm feeling decent," Irsay said. "I still have a little ways to go from my rehab standpoint. "I'm not ready to hit the golf course yet. But eventually I'll get there."