EA Sports Madden 15 to feature Colin Kaepernick's tattoos

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EA Sports released its first screenshot of Madden 15, which is as realistic as it gets for the game franchise. (Photo courtesy of EA Sports)

(Photo courtesy of EA Sports)

The graphics in the popular Madden franchise seem to become more realistic with every edition EA Sports releases every year. It's now become almost as if when you're playing, an actual Sunday game unfolds right in front of your eyes.

This year's version goes a step further toward reality as the attention to detail gets more precise. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is featured in the first screenshot released Wednesday night, and as you can tell in the photo, his infamous tattoos are as well.

"We want to be as authentic as possible, so we were pleased that Colin was able to secure the rights to the tattoos," Madden senior producer Seann Graddy told ESPN.com. "There's a ton of buzz around this. In this game, we only have Colin's tattoos, but we'd love to secure the rights to the tattoos of other players in the future."

This was actually a process to make this a reality. Kaepernick had to get the permission of artists Nes Andrion and Orly Locquiao, and then file the rights with the NFLPA who eventually brought it to EA Sports. Madden 15 will hit the shelves on Aug. 26.

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