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Ex-NFL players file objection to proposed concussion settlement


Seven of the former NFL players covered by the league's proposed concussion settlement have filed an objection in federal court, saying attorneys on both sides have failed to justify the new agreement, reports The New York Times' Ken Belson.

The league agreed to new terms in June, including an uncapped fund for payouts to players affected by dementia and other side effects of repeated head traumas suffered during their time playing pro football.  

Earlier this year, a federal judge threw out the initial settlement offer of $765 million for being insufficient to cover claims of the over 4,500 ex-NFLers represented in the case.

“The Revised Settlement is a great deal — for the NFL and Class Counsel,” the filing said. “It is a lousy deal for the retired players, whose rights have been bargained away without adequate or independent representation.”

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The objection, raised by players including former New York Jets offensive lineman Alan Faneca, argues that the new agreement will not cover those who played in NFL Europe, and does not do enough for those suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can be brought on by repeated concussions.  The filing also claims the settlement has not been properly vetted by the players individual attorneys.

-Brendan Maloy