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Federal judge won't allow use of 'Redskins' in court documents


A federal judge in Maryland presiding over a case involving the Washington Redskins decided that the case would not use the term "Redskins" in court documents, as reported by the Washington Post.

U.S. District Judge Peter J. Messitte put a footnote in the 21-page ruling in the case of former New York Giants linebacker Barrett Green's bounty case against Washington, which reads:

“Pro Football’s team is popularly known as the Washington ‘Redskins,’ but the Court will refrain from using the team name unless reference is made to a direct quote where the name appears.” Pro Football's team will be referred to hereafter simply as “the Washington Team.”

The Post reports that according to a lawyer, months ago the same judge ordered attorneys in the case to not use the team's name in his courtroom. 

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In June, the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled six federal trademark registrations for the team. 

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The Redskins have held that the team name honors Native Americans, while critics allege that the name is racist and offensive toward Native Americans. 

- Molly Geary