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By SI Wire
July 21, 2014

As the NFL reexamines the process in which it awards cities the Super Bowl, the idea of selling personal seat licenses for the big game is "only a matter of time before it happens," according to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times

If the league decides to put the Super Bowl on a regular rotational basis, allowing the same cities to host the game multiple times in a specific window of years, the NFL will be able to sell the rights to seats years in advance. 

As explained by Farmer:

For instance, if L.A. were promised four Super Bowls in 20 years, the league could tell fans, "Pay X-thousand dollars now, and you will have the right to buy a face-value ticket for this seat for all four of those Super Bowls." 

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A revenue source such as PSLs could help the NFL in its reported desire to build a stadium in Los Angeles. Farmer reports that the league is looking into alternative ways to finance an L.A. stadium, including footing the bill itself instead of finding an individual owner to do so. 

- Molly Geary


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